NFL remaining schedule difficulty ranking: Raiders cowboys the simplest 49ers to cry

Five weeks into the 2020-2021 season, it’s much easier to judge which team is good and which is bad this year. For example, if you’re a New York jets jerseys fan, if you’ve given up this season to get some sleep, no one’s going to blame you. On the other hand, if you’re a Buffalo Bill fan, keep up your expectations that the team may be back in the Super Bowl in 25 years.

Now that we know how good each team is, we can now try to measure the intensity of the rest of the 32 teams. In most cases, when evaluating the difficulty of a team’s schedule, most of them are in the off-season. For example, as early as February this year, media such as ESPN and CBS had articles discussing the schedule intensity of each team in 2020 according to the performance of each team in the 2019 season. But the problem with assessing the schedule too early is that anything can happen between injuries, free agents and the draft, before the season really starts. In addition, you don’t know how the overall state of the team is after a year, whether the preparation is good or bad.

Each team’s performance in the first five weeks should be evaluated objectively. The NFL has 12 weeks left to play, and the simplest of the 32 teams is the Las Vegas Raiders and Dallas Cowboys jerseys china. According to the current record of the two teams, the schedule of the two teams is the most relaxed.

The Las Vegas Raiders are actually the lightest of all the teams, because they have the 0-5 Atlanta Falcon and the 0-5 New York Jets. In addition, the Raiders will also face the 1-4 Los Angeles lightning twice and the 1-3 Denver Broncos three times. The remaining 11 opponents have a total record of 20-33, which makes their schedule difficult to reach 0.377. What should be noted here is that the lower the number, the simpler the schedule is, according to the latest CBS production of schedule difficulty assessment.

As for Dallas Cowboys, one of the reasons why they are second in the league is that they play in the League East. With the exception of cowboys, no team in the Division has more than one win, and cowboys have five Division wars left. Overall, cowboys’ 11 opponents in the future have achieved a total of 19-32, which makes their schedule difficult to reach 0.380. In addition to the league’s Eastern Division opponents, the Cowboys still have to play against Minnesota Vikings and the Cincinnati tigers. And cowboy’s future performance becomes very interesting, because starting quarterback Dako Prescott season reimbursement, people want to see how far Andy Dalton can lead cowboys, whether the continuation of strong offensive firepower.

Basically, even if Prescott is announced, cowboys can still sneak into the playoffs with their easy schedule. There is another team whose schedule is less than 0.400, which is the Kansas City chief with a schedule difficulty of 0.396. So you may have to ask, which team is the most difficult to play in the rest of the schedule? It’s San Francisco 49ers jerseys, which is not good news for a team that started 2-3 and had injuries all over the camp. The difficulty level of the remaining 49ers players is 0.698, which is a very high number, especially when you consider the difficulty of Houston Texan, which is 0.630, 0.68 points lower than 49ers players.

As for the 49ers, their next seven games are the Los Angeles Rams, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, rams and Buffalo Bill. The schedule is very difficult. The jets (0.623) is the third most difficult, which means they are likely to have a full negative season of 0-16. In the jets last 11 games, the team has to face the five teams that have lost only one game or kept the team together: the Seahawks, the rams, bill, Cleveland brown and the chief.

Let’s take a look at the schedule of the remaining 32 teams: