The preparatory work of wildly beating gongs and drums. nfl jerseys wholesale Before and after the Spring Festival, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the agenda, preparations for the Winter Olympics in Beijing occupy an important position.
In February 24th, he came to the city of Beijing Wukesong Sports Center, the capital gymnasium. Move back, a month ago, he came to Hebei city in Zhangjiakou Province, study the Beijing Winter Olympics in Zhangjiakou. Xi Jinping, general secretary repeatedly stressed: China to host the 2022 Winter Olympics as a significant event with special significance, promised to do it well.”

Looking back at the winter Chinese footprint, general secretary Xi Jinping led the way. Careful nfl jerseys china deployment of the conference room, out of the country exchanges and cooperation, field visits on the ice and snow…… Chinese is the Olympic spirit practitioner, carry forward.

Dream of the Winter Olympic dream. Xi Jinping, general secretary repeatedly talked about a time coincidence: 2022 is the time to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation’s first goal of a hundred years. The Beijing Olympics can unite the national spirit, the combination of hundreds of millions of people’s power, open a new journey of dreams.

Reporter selected 5 precious lens. A scene shot, lit the torch of jerseys China‘s ice and snow movement.

A lens: February 7, 2014, Russia and Sochi, in 300 million people drive more people to join the ice and snow sports
The Winter Olympics in Sochi, President Xi Jinping and President Putin should be invited to come to attend the meeting. As Russia’s old friends, he said: “the neighbors wedding, of course I want to congratulate, share the joy with the Russian people.”

This is a meeting of the Beijing Winter Olympics dream journey. Visit 3 months ago, cheap jerseys online China IOC officially bid for the twenty-fourth winter olympics. Bid for the journey is not the boundless plain. Sochi, chairman Xi Jinping hosted a forum on the snow and ice sports, is also a winter dream dialogue.

The Sochi Olympics Chinese sports delegation, a dreamer. Olympic athletes are looking forward to the top of the podium, is also looking forward to one day at home in front of the Olympic Games on the ice, gallop for. President Xi Jinping spoke from the previous night with President Bach’s dialogue. He said to President Bach: “in China, ice and snow sports do not enter Shanhaiguan. If the snow clearance project in the promotion, is expected to be around two hundred million or three hundred million people drive more people to participate in the Chinese nfl jerseys winter sports torch lit.”

At the forum, the players open up and reveal the mentality. From the snow athletes feel confident, general secretary Xi Jinping saw the China snow sports hope. He said the confidence from the motherland, to win glory for the country. Idea that day, one day. At this time do not fight, even when! We talk about road confidence, theoretical confidence, confidence in the system, in terms of sports, is the spirit of self-confidence. He cited Lu Xun’s “Chinese backbone”, said only Chinese perseverance, only the future.