Lamar Jackson: can’t wait to fight the idol cam Newton

Two players who have won the MVP will meet on the court in the next game of the Baltimore Ravens against the New England Patriots jerseys.

Lamar Jackson said on Wednesday that he respects the way cam Newton paved for the mobile quarterback in the league.

Jackson, 23, said he admired Newton for his ability to charge, withstand impact and pass. When Newton did well in 2015, becoming the NFL MVP and entering the super bowl, Jackson was just a freshman at the University of Louisville.

“I’ve watched cam play since he played at Auburn. Everyone in the country watched him play, “Jackson said. “Everyone knows that Superman cam has done a great job. A lot of us adore him

Newton set the bar. And Jackson surpassed him.

Jackson scored 2370 yards in the first three seasons of his career, which is the largest number of yards that a quarterback has scored in the first three seasons of his career in NFL history. This record was originally held by Newton (2032 yards).

Jackson is the only quarterback in NFL history who has scored more than 100 and scored more than 1500 yards in the first three seasons of his career. He is also the only quarterback in NFL history who has scored more than 100 and averaged more than 50 yards per game.

In 2015, Newton became the only player in NFL jerseys history who achieved more than 30 passes and more than 10 runs in a single season.

“He’s a mobile quarterback. It’s his specialty, “Lamar Jackson jersey said of Newton. “He won the hesman prize, won the University Championship, won the MVP, and entered the super bowl jerseys. I adore him and want to reach his level. Now that I’m in the NFL, I’ll play him now. I can’t wait. ”

Both Jackson and Cam Newton jersey have had ups and downs this season and both hope to return to their previous MVP levels. Jackson’s average offensive advance this season is 41.1 yards less than last season. Newton’s condition, which was affected by injuries in the past few years, has been in a slump, and it has not been smooth sailing since joining the Patriots this season.

In the next game, two of the best mobile quarterbacks in NFL history will face each other and respect each other. “We cherish each other,” Jackson said. “He’s the godfather. He’s superman.”