Can this all go wrong? NFL official website Oolong’s mascot Tucao

Although it is less than a month before the Super Bowl is over, it seems that NFL officials have forgotten who was the winner of the 2008 season of the United States Southern Division. On Friday, the NFL official released a tweet about the Indianapolis Colts’10 best season goals. It’s not surprising that they have released 10 best balls of many teams in recent years, even 50 and 100 best balls of any season. However, a quote on Twitter has aroused controversy. In the quote, NFL officials claimed that pony is the champion of the United States Southern Region. This allowed the fans of the real United States Southern Dezhou champion Houston to seize the opportunity of Tucao.

Yes, the pony team started the season with a 1-5 win, followed by 10 wins and 9 wins, and advanced to the playoffs with a 10-6 record. jerseys Rookie guard Dalius Leonard won the best defensive rookie of the year, quarterback Andrew Lacker won the annual East Hill Return Award, which is a positive trend. But the fact is, last season’s United States Southern Division champion was the Houston Texans! After three consecutive defeats in the opening season, they won nine consecutive victories, and eventually ended up 11-5, beating pony and Titan to win the United States Southern Championship. So this time, there is no doubt that the NFL officials have launched a big oolong.

Although the NFL official jerseys sales pushed the tweets off, he was found to be very strong at the first time, including the official push of the Dezhou people. They replied to the tweets before the twitter was deleted. Toro, the mascot of the Texans, also challenged the Oolong. To prove that the Texans did win the division championship last season, Toro posted a picture of himself wearing the division championship gear on Twitter. Well, wit is like you, Toro!

Of course, there are also fans who are puzzled by this tweet, such as Josh Bieler.

Why did NFL create such an Oolong incident? To some extent, it is due to the outcomes of the American Federation’s foreign card war. Although the ponies failed to win the division championship, they entered the wildcard race in sixth place and met their third-place rival, the Texans. And they played well in the wildcard battle, winning 21-7 Rick Texans. The NFL official mistakenly believed that the champions of the United States Southern Division would go further, but there is no doubt that the ponies have returned to the ranks of the United States Southern Division competitors with their excellent performance last season, and their excellent salary space may attract more heavyweight stars. We have reason to believe that they will really be able to win next season. To the champion of the United States Southern Division; if this happens,cheap nfl jerseys then the pony fans really need to come to the NFL official to pay homage.