Manzel was still uncertain

On Thursday night, Jonny – Manzel led his Southern League to finish the second and last spring League. The league’s famous “question youth” entered the hugal period and tried to return to the NFL’s arms, which had been working hard for months and exposed himself to the spotlight at all means. Next, show your best side to the world. With the end of the game, Manzel knows that his months of hard work will come to an end, and now he has a month to decide what to do with his career.

It is reported that Manzel has received a formal offer for the Hamilton tiger cat team of the Canadian rugby league. If he chooses to travel to a foreign country, he will sign a two – year contract. The Canadian Football League’s training camp will start in May 16th, so Manzel has more than a month to think about whether to sign the tiger team or continue to stay in NFL until the team is willing to give him a bid.

“When I came back to the familiar game, I was full of blood and I knew it was something I had been pursuing,” Manzel said of his career after the game. “I’ll make up for the mistakes I have made. I’m trying to prove that I can play. As we all know, when is my last deadline? We still have a month to think about it, so don’t worry about me.

The formation of the spring alliance is to let veteran players have the chance to show their talents again, so that they have the chance to be selected by the team to enter the squad. NFL will not pay players, only provide accommodation and three meals. Theoretically, anyone who stands out in the springtime alliance will have the chance to be seen by NFL team jerseys. In the first match on Saturday, Manzel passed the 15 pass and took 82 yards and 1 times, although it showed the ability to run out of the pocket in the face of pressure, but the overall performance was not as good as in the NFL or the Canadian League.

In today’s game, Manzel said that he felt better than the previous one. 16 pass 10 out of 188 yards, 6 shots and 27 yards to finish two. The only one in the United States was a copy. Among them, most of Manzel’s data came out in the first section of the game, when Manzel completed a 50 – yard line to find ante – Wan – Ancient force. In the next attack, Manzel held 14 yards for the ball, and the exciting attack also made the scene applause. “It feels good to return to the arena, which I didn’t dreamed of before. For some time I had shaken my determination, but then I was quick to be confident and I was happy to be able to keep fit and have a chance to play here. ”

The former sea man also thought he was not good enough and was a little unfamiliar with the pass, but he felt that he showed “the ability to pass”. The two games aroused some memories of the game. He stressed, “whether there is a NFL team who wants me, I don’t know, but I’m really high. Xing can return to the field. ”

NFL experts still believe Manzel has the ability to play at the top football field, but it seems that no team is willing to give him a bid and Manzel enjoys the reintegration process, and he laughs that it’s his first time to dream all the best: “I had rejoined the league as my ultimate goal.” But now I’m happy. ” It is not known whether the story of the prodigal son will be nike jerseys staged. But Manzel’s efforts in these months are seen by everyone. Good luck to him.