The NFL star regretted that James didn’t choose football: he can play close forward one thousand percent.

Since his debut, James has been famous for his super physical quality. If he didn’t choose basketball, James should have been a football star. Recently, the NFL Kansas City Chiefs near wholesale jerseys forward Travis kelce visited Reddick’s podcast, saying that James can play near forward 1000% in the NFL.

In the program, Kelsey said James’s athletic ability can be well transformed into the NFL field. He said that the relevant skills are interlinked in the transition from college basketball to NFL, especially in the near front position.

Kelsey said that through observation, he found that James took a big step when running, which is different from other NBA players who always trot on tiptoe. James knows how to speed up and slow down, and how to keep the rhythm. These are also the necessary skills for NFL players. He believes that James nfl jerseys sales ? should have come to play in the NFL rather than the NBA.

Previously, James was a member of the school football team when he was at St. Vincent St. Mary high school. He also revealed that he had received contracts from two NFL teams when the NBA was suspended in 2011.

James’s excellent physical quality benefits not only from his outstanding talent, but also from his hard training and physical maintenance.

When well-known reporter Dave mcmemain visited Zach Lowe’s podcast recently, he revealed that James had started practicing twice a day as early as a month before the start of this year’s training camp. Earlier, Lakers general manager perinka said James jersey had lost weight, but James was noncommittal. People around him revealed that it’s hard to say whether James lost weight, but he must have increased his muscles.

James will usher in his 19th season in the new season. It remains to be seen how long he can continue his excellent physical state.