Chiefs quarterback mahome is a super elite

With seven and a half minutes left in the fourth quarter, arrow stadium has become a sea of waves. Finally, the Kansas City Chiefs won Buffalo Bills jer 38-24 at home and successfully promoted to the super bowl for the second year in a row. They will compete with Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers jerseys for the Super Bowl title. Although the opponent has an elite quarterback of “the best in history”, the Chiefs himself has a quarterback who can challenge this title in the future – Patrick Mahomes.

Before the start of the American League final, the competition between Mahomes and Bills quarterback Josh Allen was played up as a “supernova competition”. It’s true that Allen is an outstanding young quarterback, and his data this season is quasi MVP level; but when “quasi MVP” meets “real MVP”, his performance on the field is almost the same. It’s not that Allen didn’t play well in this game. On the contrary, Allen was very brave in the whole game, but it’s obvious that mahome’s leisurely walk is better.

Defense is not the Chiefs strong point. Thanks to the mistakes of the secret service team, they lost points in two successive waves at the beginning of the game and fell behind 0-9. But the Chiefs team is still in no hurry, because they know that the offensive team led by mahome will eventually score. Mahomes didn’t disappoint everyone. He led the attack in three waves in a row and opened the gap at one stroke. In the second half, he scored twice after another shot. The pattern of scoring in six waves in a row is very familiar to the Kansas City Chiefs jerseys fans. It is the same with Mahomes when his firepower is fully open.

In the whole game, mahomus made 29 passes in 38, and advanced 325 yards to reach the array three times. In the case that two running guards only advanced 60 yards in the whole game, he ran with the team like a high-speed train with his passing offensive. In the face of Bills’s highly targeted second line defense, Mahomes decisively chose more short and medium distance passes. In this case, the catchers began to highlight their ability.

Everyone knows that the two most trusted weapons of mahome are near end forward Travis Kelsi and outfielder Terak hill. However, all of the Chiefs’s opponents can’t find a targeted way, especially the way Hill moves before the kick-off to help mahome provide RPO options, which is a headache for his opponents. Patrick Mahomes jersey also made good use of Hill’s re propulsion ability after he gained space in the shallow area. Hill once had a very explosive 71 yard catch propulsion, which was quite critical. In the end, he pushed 172 yards in nine catches; Kelsi also pushed 118 yards in 13 catches and reached the array twice. When the two stars played like this, how could the Chiefs not win?

Of course, many people say that mahome’s outstanding performance is due to Andy Reid’s offensive system bonus, but Reid has supervised many quarterbacks in his coaching career, but only mahome has reached such a high level. At the beginning of his career, people only knew that he had good mobility and outstanding passing strength, but now, what he really threatened most was his excellent reading and decisive judgment.

These excellent qualities can not only make mahomus play immortal ball repeatedly, but also make him win the game easily in a stable way. So this season, we see less and less Mahomes fighting bravely. More often, he will be like this American League final, chopping melons and cutting vegetables to take away the game. This is the real terrible place.

In the final Super Bowl stage, Mahomes will challenge Tom Brady jersey again. In the 2018 American League final, Mahomes fell into the hands of Brady’s patriots at that time, so this game can also be regarded as the Revenge of the Chiefs. But what is more significant is that the confrontation between Mahomes and Brady is a confrontation of the times. As for the “elite quarterback”, Mahomes has already entered the ranks. What he needs to do is to challenge the “best in history”.