Autumn comes November, NFL2017 season has gone through half of the season, full attention must be aware of friends, this is a very strange season, but the singularity where?

The first scene: “chaos””

From the opener to the Emirates patriots home court, the direction of development towards an all unexpected this season and the start of the regular season, almost every week there are different grades of upsets, and even “underdog” won away “tyrannical” wars, one time except Brown and 49 people, seems to have the teams victory when they meet the opportunities this season is to “change”?

I think, under the premise of the hard cap, the team have a variety of “cast defects”, as long as the team can hold each other’s weaknesses are the focus of attack, and this is also has its own advantages, if we can avoid weaknesses, can get the win in the game, “alone big” scene has failed cash.

The disappointing “strong teams””:

A lot of people would say that patriot defense, losing the number of League, the defense must be rotten, in fact, it is not accurate to say that. This season many game patriots often can be a long time ahead is weak in previous years, as early as three section punch out the rhythm, but the season before the six war against the Patriot came almost every game to throw for 300 yards, the opponent is just able to recover the score, let the game become a stalemate. The reason lies in this season, the key lies in drawing from patriot defense is too poor, resulting in poor anti transfer, resulting in the score was. But the last two, Aigo dominance gradually returned.

The New York giants has only one win, and injuries. Their biggest problem is that this season road has fallen offensive and defensive alliance bottom, full back, causing the game all the pressure came to Eli and Beckham’s shoulder, Beckham was eventually crushed, Eli also unable to support.

The widely anticipated Raiders before the season were only 3 wins this season, and many people would say that Derek – nfl jerseys good Carle injured two delays, but the problem is not so simple. This season the “beast mode” and join the offensive coordinator of the replacement, the Raiders attack mode gradually from the “long shelling” to “pass the road”, the success rate is improved, but the attack efficiency is very low. The attacker is destined to be a team with a higher score than the opponent, and the offense can’t quickly score points.

This season “tough training camp” the protagonist of piracy is also optimistic about the outside world has become a dark horse, but only 2 wins and 5 losses, only won two giant bears and weaker teams. In simple terms, in addition to Winston to lead the offensive well beyond, the other parts are very bad, the league’s worst anti transmission and lost the most rushing touchdowns, but the offensive team lost the ball mistakes too much is a feeling that they Nothing is right. More frightening is that the first week of the dolphin match because the hurricane is postponed, the pirates in the future there is no rest week adjustment, Lien Chan nine weeks is not easy.

Road + defense is the strength of rams, the last two seasons all abnormal, this season strengths stable play, the results immediately came up. Also the youngest coach Sean – Jared gove McVeigh activation potential, only the entire force broke this young team jerseys sale.

In addition to more popular than NFL, according to the market survey, this season NFL ratings fell a lot, I think, this season on the second half of the game is simply “not good-looking”, no ups and downs in the 2015 quarter fourth quarter reversal, reversal of the game for the entire season of 27.7%, the 2016 season is the 28.1% season. The first half of only 18.6%, so prosaic how lift the audience appetite?

Of course, careful friends may have found that when the “underdog” sanbanfu exhausted, “teams” were no longer popular in recent weeks will nap, gradually disappeared, seventh weeks and eighth weeks, the results can almost meet the people’s expectations, plus seventh week Thursday night game Raiders Emirates the battle of Dezhou, the eighth week war, continuous Seahawks turnaround, believe that the second half of the season comes, the audience’s eyes will continue to return to the football field.