Team: Dallas Cowboys

Owner: Jerry Jones

Buying Dallas Cowboys jerseys for $150 million in 1985, the team is now worth $5 billion, investing in oil drilling, retail and real estate in Dallas. Personal value $6.8 billion

Team: New York Giants

Owner: John Mara

The main owner of the New York Giants, joined the giants in 1988 as general counsel and then as executive vice president; Steven Elliot Tisch, American film producer and businessman. He is chairman of the New York Giants, CO owner and executive vice president, NFL team owned by his family, and film and television producer. He is the son of Bob tish, a former co owner of the giants.

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Owner: Arthur M. blank

American businessman is also the co-founder of the home depot, an American retailer of home decoration and building materials with branches in the United States, Mexico and China. He currently has two professional sports teams: the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League and the Atlanta United of the major league of professional football. $5.4 billion in personal wealth

Team: Carolina Panther

Owner: David Tepper

Wealthy American businessman, hedge fund manager and philanthropist. He is the owner of the national football league’s Carolina Panthers, and Tepper is the founder and President of apalusa asset management, a global hedge fund based in Miami, Florida.

Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Owner: Jeffrey Robert Lurie

American filmmaker and businessman who borrowed $185 million in 1994 to buy the Philadelphia Eagles nfl jerseys wholesale, now worth $2.5 billion. At the same time, it owns lishushan film production company

Team: Washington Redskins jerseys nfl china

Owner: Daniel Marc Snyder

In the early years, the University dropped out of school and founded Snyder communications (outsourcing marketing services, such as direct marketing, database marketing, proprietary product sampling, sponsorship information display of prime location, call center, on-site sales). After the company went public in 1996, it sold the company to a French company for 2.5 billion dollars in 200 years. In 1999, he bought the Washington Redskins for 800 million dollars. At the same time, he is also the main investor of red zebra radio (Sports Radio)

Team: New Orleans Saints

Owner: Gayle Benson

(width of Tom Benson who died in 2018) former boss Tom Benson worked as an auto dealer in his early years. He bought the New Orleans Saints and NBA New Orleans team jerseys in 1985 and 2012, respectively. At the same time, he owns a 26 story office building and an outdoor entertainment center in New Orleans. After his death in 2018, Gayle, his third wife, inherited two of his teams. Gayle worked in interior design in the 1970s and started a horse racing company in 2014.