Do you remember the training method of the Brazil national team’s “five horses split up” during the world cup? The degree of “violence” has made netizens an eye opener. In the NFL, talent alone can’t get mixed up. We often see some stars who are gifted but become NFL meteors. Some players are gifted enough to play brilliant games, and the top ones like Brady, Briss and Fitzgerald have a long peak. The reason for this is nothing but hard work. What are the unique training methods for NFL stars?

The Dallas Cowboys jerseys wholesale are asking receivers to pass the ball like quarterbacks, passing it from one end of the court to another to strengthen their arms. Washington Red Cape guard Josh Norman will sneak a weight on himself during training and wear a heavier vest so he can be lighter in the game. This is a bit like the traditional Chinese martial arts in light work, general martial arts masters will be in a small time with sandbags to practice jumping, running walls, when the battle will be sandbags released immediately feel light as swallow, power greatly increased.

By visiting dozens of training camps door-to-door, we found that some teams do have special training methods:

Green Bay Packer: hard diamond palm

It’s a practice for outside receivers. The coach asks the outside receivers not only to catch the serve, but also to put their hands a few inches away from the serve. Once the ball is shot, the outside receivers must hold the ball firmly. This training method is to strengthen the outside hand strength, because the ball from the server to maintain a very fast speed, great impact, outside the receiver must concentrate all the strength in the hand to firmly catch the ball, at the same time also can enhance the outside receiver’s sense of receiving. In this set of exercises, the player receives the ball in three positions, first on both sides of the server, and last on his knees in front of the server.

Oakland Raiders jerseys sale: light water drift

Marshane Lynch gave the Oakland Raiders a special training regimen in which he strapped resistance bands around his legs to strengthen his thighs. Coach Joe Gruden is very much in favor of this training method: “He has a good method, I think he has his own needs, he knows what training needs to be done to achieve his goals. Marshane is a veteran, has been in the League for a long time, is very hard and excellent, I will arrange for all the runners to try this method of training.

Philadelphia Eagle: old man cart

Philadelphia Hawks training camp has a four-wheeled trolley, which is unique in that it can adjust weight like a barbell. Players need to push a cart for some special training, so-called special training is nothing special, that is, the cart run. The team’s strongest defensive end-forward Brandon Graham and defensive interceptor Fletcher Cox had the privilege of taking a cart around the field and were said to be shaking their spoons the next day…

Seattle Haiying: iron sand palm

Qiu Qian-chien, the No. 1 supporting actor in The Story of Heroes in Shooting and Carving, has a pair of famous Zhenwu forests with iron palms, which combines with each other and sweeps through the Eight Wastes. Defender Frank Clark knows this. He fills the barrel with rice and then plugged in again and again. The point of this exercise is to grab as much rice as possible after the hand is inserted, which may be particularly important for Clark, who has just recovered from the injury to his hands and underwent surgery on his right hand in June. New England patriot successor Julian Edelman has the same hobby as Clark. The difference is that Edelman fills the barrel with rice, turns his finger from left to right for 30 seconds, turns it in the opposite direction, then clenches his fists, holds the rice, continues cheap nike jerseys to rotate, and finally makes a pistol with his index finger and middle finger. Stabbing to the bottom and coming back is a cycle. After so much training, Edelman is now the league’s top outsider, and it’s no wonder he’s finished catching the ball against the sky in the Super Bowl.