Thomas broke the 17 year record and became the first catcher of NFL in a single season

Marvin Harrison’s record of 143 catches per season is impressive. The record has been kept for 17 years, and no player can even narrow the gap to six catches.

To this day, on December 23 local time, Michael Thomas of New Orleans broke the record of 17 years in advance.

Thomas, who has been in the Pro Bowl three times, is likely to be the first outfield candidate to win the NFL regular season vote since Randy Moss in 1998.

Especially considering that this season’s passing is not all drew bridge. When the substitute quarterback played five games cheap jerseys for bridge at the beginning of the season, Thomas’s catch was not affected at all, and the record is even more precious.

By the way, there’s also the credit of the taysom hill.

Thomas could also be the second outfielder in history to win the offensive player of the year (Jerry rice won the award twice in 1987 and 1993).

But in this historic season, Michael Thomas has insisted that “I don’t care about personal glory, I just want to win the super bowl.”.

“It’s cool, but I mean, it just feels great.” Thomas said he had a chance to compete for MVP. “But personal glory doesn’t last as long as a championship or celebrate with the team. When you play in a great team, a lot of surprises come along

In 2016, Thomas was brought back to New Orleans by saints in the second round of the NFL Draft Convention. This summer, the team renewed his contract with him for five years, with an average annual salary of between $19.25 million and $20 million, making him the highest paid foreign receiver in the history of the NFL.

Thomas has set a record for the first four seasons of his NFL career

In fact, Thomas can now overtake Landry with only 16 catches, becoming the NFL player jerseys who has received the most in the first five seasons of his career. If that’s the case, Landry’s five seasons of hard work have set a record, and Thomas has only four seasons to break it.

Today Thomas was targeted 17 times, finishing 12 times to catch the ball and push 136 yards to get 1 touchdown. This season, he has 145 catches, pushed forward 1688 yards and got 9 touchdowns. Next week, he will have the chance to be the first player in the NFL to catch more than 150 times in a single season.

Thanks to his excellent performance in the game, Thomas became the player with the most yards in the first four seasons of his career. In the past two seasons, Thomas has been far ahead of his peers in the success rate of catching the ball.

The 6-foot-3-inch, 212 pound big man has a wide range of takeovers, and his hands are very strong. According to statistics, only one take-off has occurred in the past 25 games.

The saints’ coach and teammates also praised Thomas for his athletic ability and professionalism, saying that he took every training class as seriously as he took the super bowl jerseys.

We have a lot of tacit understanding in many aspects, such as running route, running direction or receiving angle, which are based on the constantly changing marking and defense of the defensive players.

But we have been together for a long time, so we have built up enough trust. He knows how to catch the ball, where to run, where to stop and so on. “