He indulged himself in silence. On that No team rainy morning, he got a phone call from the subway station on the platform. They say a few words of nonsense. And told him that she would get married next week. You don’t even have kids. At last she oes not like to change was in the Atlanta Falcons Jerseys For Cheap heart of Gandhi to blame him. It’s just a cell that comes with it.

He heard his indifference. Sitting in the bar of the bar, he opened the tie, put the pills in WHISKY mixed drink. Dark and noisy, very want to make a phone call to anyone who can talk. He felt his manic mood on the verge of collapse.

In the silence, he indulged himself in the latest classic sayings of Anne. A girl wearing a black vest and a girl sitting beside him. He grabbed his suit and headed to the subway station. On the bright, open platform, a wandering child begged him. He gave the boy the only coin, back a wrinkled white lily. A couple kiss in self-assured or supercilious.

People should have love. People who fall in love, will not easy to catch a cold, will be more healthy. He smiled softly to himself. The Atlanta Falcons Home Jerseys girl’s face is clear. She only appeared in his late night. Like a scene of a lonely movie. Her petals as silent and decadent appearance. He never touched her skin. Never heard her voice, you really are not normal. She hung up the phone. The ear is a bunch of mechanical tone.

He looked at the subway roaring past, caught in the crowd at a loss to get on the train. To think that he loved her. Even remember when I first saw her smile. But when she pressed him to accept diapers or can be presumptuous to blame him, he thought of his life, there should be free. But what we can stick to it. He thought. If life is an illusion. Parting or death is the only ending.

The company’s lay off list was finally released. He was told to the manager of the department. The boss patted him on the shoulder and said, “if you feel tired, you can apply for a short vacation.”. When he was off, he felt a sudden sense of despair. But out of the hand of the moment, he felt her soft cotton cloth skirt lightly swept from the fingertips. Night is not too deep. The damp rain.

In the daytime, her balcony is always a window curtain. Maybe she is a reclusive man. If she wasn’t there, he wanted to put the lily in her door handle. Her smile again in his mind. Warm pure. The wind of silence. Countless nights, they see each other in the dark. She is his only comfort. Deep inside. Silent。 Endless silence. Just like the tide. To choke him.

Greedy people eager to embrace loved be understood and selfish man refused to love to try to explain to acceptance. The reason why people will die because the body can’t bear the power of evolution. Sometimes the sunlight is very good sometimes the sunlight is very dark this is life (an temple love it). If the world baby no one can reject cold words so you always follow me feel cold when I can hug. Always remember too little forget too much. The playground tirelessly to spin cycle it does not know if it is 24 hours non-stop nobody will stay for 365 days. She said: earlier he said: hello when they have been together.

Feel good. Maybe Anthony appreciate everything go silent when the track in order to let you really hear the words I love you. No matter how before the climb over our wounds, but the rest of the every day will love you in every day. In the past I have not had time to cherish the people you cherish his past didn’t cherish me please cherish now or in the future anyway.

There is always a balance between good and bad love and hate, happiness and sadness, excitement and loneliness can not be changed.