Last weekend’s training, the New York jets Quincy Enunwa, was injured in the neck or the season was reimbursed.

This is bad news for both Quincy and the jet plane.

Quincy, the jet’s sixth round pick in 2014, used to be the star catcher in nebraska. Last season, he was the first outside jet to complete 58 catches, 857 yards, and 4 touchdown.
It is reported that Quincy is still testing their bodies to determine their work seriously. But according to himself, he believes the injury could lead to his absence throughout the season.
What the jet fans can do now is wait for further information.

Jonny Manzel intends to be a college coach

(Johnny Manziel) has been given a lot of advice lately, especially if you can’t get back to the game again.

The former Heisman winner adopted one suggestion, that is to the university level team coach.

It is reported that he was back from the interview, a reporter asked if you can not continue to play what he would do, Manzel said: “I will continue to engage in sports, I can’t leave sports, I have asked myself this question, so I know the answer I want, I’ll do the coach there may be other work.”

Meanwhile, the reporter also asked about Colin Kaepernick, Manzel said: “even if he is not starting, he also has the starting qualification, he is a guarantee that the team into the playoffs.”. He’s going to be down for a few years, but he can come back, so I don’t think his career is over.”


Currently, Manzel is still actively trying to return to NFL jerseys wholesale, although no team has thrown an olive branch to him.

The giant outer Shepard took no serious injuries, said in the first week of the game.

The New York giants can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Sterling Shepard, two, was injured in an ankle injury during training this week. He then missed Friday’s training, but he did not wear protective boots and walked with reporters.

Ankle injured in Wednesday and Thursday wearing a protective boot, Shepard said good recovery. He is sure he can fully recover at the start of the regular season. “Oh, yes, I will be ready to participate in the first week of the game,” said shepard.

Shepard at present every day to accept the inspection, the giant will not rush to let him return to training. “I would do it if I felt I had enough to play in pre-season,” he said.

Shepard is expected to take over as the groove achieved excellent performance in the new season. He finished 65 in the rookie season ball made 683 yards and 8 touchdowns.

Now the giant has served as Shepard (Odell Beckham Jr. and took over the slot) and (Brandon Marshall) as the lateral proximal wing position also took over, and rookie (Evan Engram). The giant will have plenty of weapons to choose from during the pass.