Opening up a new era, Danod will be the youngest starting quarterback.

On Wednesday, the New York Jets sent quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to New Orleans through a deal. The deal also revealed a clear signal that Sam Danod would be the first quarterback in the New Yorker’s regular season opener.

Rookie Sam University

Danode will make his debut against the Detroit Lions on Monday night in the first week, according to the NFL Network jerseys. In fact, as long as you keep an eye on the Jet fans during the preseason, you can expect that decision. Since reporting to the team’s training camp, the prospector at this year’s draft has been steadily rising. In the past two pre-season matches, he also played as a starter.

The 21-year-old quarterback made 45 passes in pre-season and sent two touches and one interception with a 64.4% pass success rate; the quarterback scored 83.9 points. Even in pre-season games, Bridgewater outperformed Danod, but team management still favored the rookie. The key transaction on Wednesday is the best proof. Reading defense, a variety of passes, professional passing skills and improved pocket movement are all personal nfl jerseys china qualities that impress the fans in pre-season games. Apart from the average 5.4 yards of mediocrity per pass and the slower pace of passing, Danod has shown his offensive leadership to the outside world. He also has the ability to enrich the way of attack of the jet fleet.

If Danod did start the season with the Lions in the opening game, he would be the youngest quarterback in the league’s history since the NFL-AFL merger jerseys online sale in 1970 (21, 97 days). At the same time, he will be the second youngest starting quarterback in NFL history (Tommy Madox was 21 and 81 days old in 1992, starting for the Denver Mustangs) and the jet team picked the young USC graduate third in the first round, determined not to wait for Darnaud’s slow growth. With veteran Josh McCohen as the team’s quarterback mentor, Danode can learn and improve through the actual battle.

As the hopes and dreams of the Jet fans, Danod will start his career in prime time and write his own career chapter all the way.