J. J. Watt’s days with the Houston Texans are over, and the Star Defender tweeted that he would be cut by the Houston Texans.

“My connection with the people of Houston is special and I will never take it for granted because I know how precious it is. I just want you to know that I love you and I thank you, “watt said on social media. “I want to thank the McNair family for choosing me in the draft and giving me my first chance at NFL. Thank you, Houston

Despite helping Texans enter the playoffs many times, Watt never broke through the division week playoffs. He can now choose the team that has the best chance of getting him into the super bowl for the first time.

After J.J. watt left Houston Texans jerseys, teams threw olive branches at the defensive superstar, including the Green Bay Packers jerseys.

According to the reporter, about 12 teams have already expressed their intention to recruit watt. Stefon diggs, Bill’s outsider, is also trying to woo watt on twitter. It should not be surprising that the packers are interested in watt. In the past two years, they have reached the finals of the League of nations. Watt’s joining can make the defensive front line to a higher level. In addition, Watt is a Wisconsin native who grew up watching packers compete.

But pay will be a problem for the packers, who have made about $8.3 million after restructuring their contract with left winger David Bakhtiari. But they have to make more adjustments to sign watt. Although J.J. watt jersey will turn 32 next month, he still has enough strength to ask for a high price contract.

Watt has been the defensive player of the year for three times. Last season, he made 52 grabs, 17 quarterback hits, 5 grabs, 2 forced drops and one interception.