Quarterback Carson Wentz thanks Philadelphia on social media and says goodbye

Carson Wentz arrived in Indianapolis on Friday, less than 24 hours after he was traded to the Indianapolis Colts by the Philadelphia Eagles.

On Friday night, the former 2016 draft pick posted a long article on instagram to bid farewell to fans, teammates, the coaching team and management.

“What a wonderful journey,” Wentz wrote. “Most of all, I will miss my teammates. Thank you. I thank each of you and will never forget the friendship and memories over the years. A lot of lifelong friendships were built in that dressing room. Thank you for your company, the atmosphere in the dressing room and the confrontation on the training ground every day

“To Philadelphia – thank you. This has been my home for the past five years. It’s all a child from Bismarck, North Dakota can dream of. My family grew up here, had a good time, ate a lot of great food, became a member of an unparalleled church, and there were so many meetings off the court. On the court, we brought the Lombardy cup to Philadelphia, hoping to bring a lot of joy to the city over the years. Thanks to my family, the foundation and the Eagles fans who support our team win or lose. It’s an honor to be able to play in a city with unparalleled passion and love for the team. Thank you for supporting my family and the foundation – we hope we have had a positive impact in the Philadelphia community and look forward to continuing our efforts to help this area! ”

“Thank you Philadelphia Eagles jerseys for choosing me to make my NFL dream come true. Thanks to Mr. Lurie, Howie Roseman and the Eagles management, coach Pedersen and all the coaches, the training team, the equipment team and all the support teams at the team base. It’s a wonderful journey and I wish you all the best. ”

After signing a new contract with the Eagles for one year, Wenz, who once played MVP level performance, plummeted last season and his relationship with the team deteriorated. His performance slipped, and the Eagles lost the chance to top the league’s worst division again and again. In the end, Wentz was replaced by the 2020 second round show, Jalen hurts, who started in the last four games of the season. The Eagles were 4-11-1 last season.

Colt Ma got Wentz from the Philadelphia Eagles jersey with the third round of this year’s draft and the second round of 2022. If Wentz gets 75% of the playing time in the new season, or 70% of the playing time, and colts enters the playoffs, then the second round draft right will be upgraded to the first round draft right. At the same time, Hertz is now the Eagles’ top quarterback.

After five unforgettable seasons, Wentz finished playing for the eagles. They are ready to go their separate ways.

“When one chapter ends, another will begin,” Wentz wrote at the end. “I’m excited to join the Indianapolis Colts jerseys team and look forward to my future work! It’s God’s will