You need to know about 49ers and chiefs

The 54th Super Bowl duel between the two sides has been launched. On the morning of February 3 (the 10th day of the Lunar New Year) Beijing time, the Kansas City chiefs will compete with 49ers in San Francisco for the Lombardy cup in Miami.

There is no doubt that both teams are eager for the super bowl. It’s the first time in 50 years that the chiefss have been in the super bowl and they want to win their first title since 1969. For the 49, their last appearance in the super bowl was in 2012, but the last time they won the championship was in 1994, so both clubs are trying to get rid of a rather serious Championship shortage. Today, ESPN analyzes the specific situation of the two teams. With regard to the 54th super bowl, you need to know the following:

Guide to the 54th Super Bowl:

Time: afternoon of February 2 local time (morning of February 3 Beijing time)

Venue: hard rock stadium, Miami

Gaming companies give 1.5 points: chiefss give 1.5 points (52.5 points in total)

ESPN gives a prediction of the probability of winning the Championship: the chiefstain has a probability of 64.8%

chiefs coach Andy Reid is the seventh (207) manager in NFL’s history, but he is now known as the uncrowned king, still pursuing the first super bowl of his coaching career. In 2004, his Philadelphia Eagles lost to the New England Patriots in the 39th Super Bowl. Since then, Reid has never been in the super bowl. A victory will remove all doubts about the entry of old reed into the hall of fame and raise him to one of the greatest coaches in history. But to do that, Reid needs to beat Kyle Shanahan, the 49 man manager. The so-called tiger father has no dog and son. Kyle’s father is the famous Mike Shanahan. As one of the most expected young managers in the league, Kyle Shanahan personally arranges and calls for offensive tactics.

San Francisco 49ers: this season, 49ers have been questioned, but they have broken the doubt again and again, all the way to the super bowl. Every team is not perfect, but 49ers have no obvious shortcomings. Even if they always play until the end, they seem to win all the time. The defense team is at the top of the league, the secret service team is very stable, the attack team has explosive power, and the three groups of 49 players complement each other. Although the average age of the team is relatively young, they are not afraid of the big scenes.

Although we say that 49ers have no obvious weakness, but there are some slightly weak counterpoint will always be targeted by the opponent. San Francisco 49ers jerseys don’t like to defend mobile quarterbacks, while Patrick mahomes has more than 50 yards in two games. The reason why the 49ers succeed this year is to control the starting line. The attacking front line can provide protection and complete the opening, and the defending front line can also exert pressure on the opponent. The 49 man cross vs. mahoms is a big attraction. The road attack led by Raheem mossert determines the rhythm of the 49 man race, and Jimmy garoppolo is responsible for the explosive attack.

Kansas City chiefs jerseys: the chiefss have reason to believe they can win every game because their quarterback is mahoms. Since mahames became the starting point, the chiefs’s record has been 27-8. The eight games add up to a total of 36 points lost to opponents, mahames as the starting team has never lost more than seven points. The chiefs also has his own shortcomings, that is, the relative efficiency of red zone attack is low. When they hit the red zone, the conversion rate of Da array is only 54%. If they encounter the red zone’s strict defense in the super bowl, they will probably pay a price.

In the two playoffs of 2019, the chiefs relies on mahames to lead carry. Now he hasn’t let people down. We will continue to witness the magic performance of mahames in the super bowl. He has a strong ability to get the first attack through foot movement. He is the fourth quarterback in the history of the Super Bowl who has hit the ball for 50 yards in the playoffs in a row. If the chiefss continue to play the way they are good at, it is believed that their first title in 50 years will not be far away.