The eagle win insider disclosed Caichang training was full of distractions

Original text: ESPN translation: Star in the days after winning the fifty-second Super Bowl champion, some hawks members revealed in a media interview that the team did not make good use of the opportunity to adapt to the field training the day before the annual war.

Earlier this week, the captain hand Ke Lovato to kick-off the Tampa Bay radio station WDAE said: “our team made a false security training. Many teammates told me that in that training, our rehearsal attack and defense round were not in the super bowl’s tactical plan. ”

The United States on Friday local time, the eagles safety Malcolm – Jenkins also told the media: “I think in this league cheap nike jerseys, there are still a lot of patriots coach full of distrust. So there are times when they think about the problem. If someone is watching our training, it is a good way to do some false offensive and defensive rounds. ”

The hawks in the U.S. Bancorp Stadium on training for an hour, is the end of their training on patriots in the.

“We don’t want to show anyone any tactical arrangements, especially in the venues,” Lovato told WDAE radio. ”

In the alliance’s “spy door” survey in 2007, the Patriots were found to be in a match with the New York jet fleet, photographing the sidelines of their opponents. To this end, New England coach Bill Bailey and Zeke were fine, and the loss of a pick.


In 2008, the “Boston Herald” has reported that in 2002 the thirty-sixth session of the super bowl nfl jerseys before the Patriots had the Saint Louis rams training on photography. The article was then withdrawn by the media.