Can the Patriots hit the super bowl next season?

The off-season in 2018 NFL, the new England patriots by some very special circumstances, the team opened in the free market shortly after the team lost four games very influential player, the Patriots caught in a situation in a nice hobble.

What is the special place for the four players to leave? You know, as the team NFL only focused since twenty-first Century, patriots in the offseason personnel rectification is almost is the first to maintain the original lineup stable, then in the pursuit of other operations, such as the 2017 offseason, but retired players, Aigo although the release some of the main players, but also the introduction of a large number of star players basically, retained the championship team, but in the current situation in the Patriot Bill, Biliqieke coached the Patriots in 19 years, the patriots are only two times there have been so many players out walking phenomenon. At present, the first Jiefeng left the Patriots two Super Bowl hero Nate fasolt and the New York giants signed up to 4 year contract for $62 million; the main receiver, Mr. Danny – Oman Dora playoff key joined the Miami dolphins; the number one running back and kickoff return hand Duhem Lewis with 49 Super Bowl copy cut Malcolm lore hero Butler together to join the Tennessee titans. Just a week, a patriot sent five players, and the players are an integral part of last season patriots for various positions of talent, in this way, the new England patriots jerseys stable lineup fall apart, each position of the personnel strength and depth have dropped a notch.

In early 2004, the Patriots first in the offseason has experienced such great changes in personnel, the second super bowl after the Patriots offseason, due to the arrival of the championship, the players have to chase higher salaries, so a patriot sent five main force center / guard Damian Woody, who ran Antoine – Smith, defensive end Bobby Hamilton and guard Mike Compton, is a home of five before winning hero. But the Patriots in the next 2004 seasons made them very happy. They finished the epic of the defending champion, even though they lost many main players, but the super execution power kept the team at the top level, which is the way for the Patriots to win.

A recent new England patriots in the offseason so many players away is a phenomenon in 2015, the year star cornerback Darrel ray Weiss and Brandon Bronner, running back Sean welling, defensive tackle Vince wilfork and defensive end, Kim Ayers, the five in 2015 the Patriots won Super Bowl players on the road is absolutely the main players. Because of such one-time champion hero home, in that season the Patriots reinforcement is also not very good fill up these loopholes, but this does not hinder the new England patriots strong after the season continues to impact the super bowl, although the last patriot in the American League finals loss to the Denver Broncos and could not reach the super bowl however, after such a large loss of personnel, the patriot is still very quickly adjust the state, the impact of the highest glory.

This season, the Patriots in the free market to open in a week after the loss of so many players, this is like most of the 2004 or 2015 in the offseason, but this does not mean that the Patriot would fall, the final AP is still a minimum target of the Patriots, the Patriots coach Bill in the group after all Biliqieke LED can always turn bad into good, although the current strength and reputation patriot new signings to the number of players left par, but the player is just the patriot love, maybe next season this batch of new signings might become a new pillar of the Patriot? In this way, we can expect the new England Patriots jerseys to replay the successful crowning of the 2004 season.