Buccaneers boss: Tom Brady knows how to bounce back

In the eyes of Tampa Bay Buccaneers manager, Tom Brady’s performance in the opening game was definitely not good, but he believed Brady would hit the bottom and bounce back.

Brady completed 23 passes in 36 passes, pushed 239 yards, reached the array twice, was intercepted twice, and one of them was returned to the formation.

“He’s more like Tom Brady jersey in training, so it’s not normal to play like this in the game because the opponent didn’t do anything unexpected,” Arians said. What they did, we thought we were ready to deal with it. Some outfielders should try to win one-on-one, especially when Brady is going to pass the ball over there

“We didn’t lack a tacit understanding, because the opening performance was actually good We will learn from it Brady knows how to bounce back on his jerseys and he knows he’s not playing well. This is not his expectation, nor is it our expectation. ”

After Sunday’s defeat, Arians commented that, of the two interceptions, one was a communication error between Brady and (Mike Evans) and the other was purely Brady’s decision-making error. However, the sales of Tampa Bay Buccaneers jerseys will certainly increase. I hope fans will support Tampa Bay Buccaneers jerseys and equipment more.