Washington football team hopes quarterback Alex Smith stay next year

Even if he never made it to the field again, Alex Smith’s path to recovery was impressive. After suffering from simultaneous tibial and fibular fractures, 17 surgeries and postoperative infections, it is not easy for him to recover his walking ability.

And being able to return to play like a normal player is a miracle.

The Washington football team jerseys has higher expectations for Smith, who is currently a starting quarterback.

Coach Ron Rivera and the coaching team hope Alex Smith jersey will stay next year, according to people familiar with the situation. This is not only a tribute to Smith’s leadership in the quarterback position, but also an affirmation of his performance. Smith has not said publicly or privately whether he wants to continue his career next year, but his contract with Washington will last until 2022.

Smith will be paid $19 million next year, which is a reasonable price for a transition quarterback, and Washington will continue to look for the next quarterback, whether it’s Dwayne Haskins or Kyle Allen or bringing in new players.

In the last two games, Smith has succeeded in passing 55 times in 80 times, reaching 556 yards in one time and intercepting in one pass. In the game against the Detroit Lions, Smith almost led the team to complete the reversal, but was finally defeated by the opponent. Washington was in control of the situation against the Cincinnati tigers.

His performance in mid November led Rivera to announce that “he is back to his former form.” Washington wants that to continue.

Washington currently has Smith and Haskins in the quarterback position, but the latter may be traded off the team next year during the off-season. Allen is currently on the injury reserve list, but is expected to make a full recovery.

The Washington football team jerseys wants Smith to stay, not only because he wants him to be the mentor of the future quarterback, but also because he is good enough to be a starting quarterback.