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Getting out and about

If you have twins or more, it's easy to feel left out of some of the activities that mums and their single babies enjoy. It's harder to get out and about with two or more babies, particularly when they're very young.

It can take longer to get into a routine that allows you to attend regular baby groups or classes, and when they're older it's more expensive to pay for activities.

But there are ways to meet other mothers and children, to make sure you don't end up feeling isolated.

Playgroups for twins

Playgroups are a great way to meet other local parents, but they can be a challenge when you have two babies. To make sure you don't end up making a wasted journey, call first to make sure there's space for your twins in the group, and also that you will be able to get your pushchair into the building. Ask a friend or relative to come along and give you a hand.

Baby classes for multiples

Baby classes can be expensive, especially when you have to pay for two babies, but ask your local council about free or discounted courses. For example, many libraries run free story and reading groups. Tamba has also negotiated discounts with a range of organisations for its members and offers discounted membership to families in need or on benefits.

Getting out of the house

Leaving the house with two or more babies can be a challenge. You may find it easier if you and your partner work together to get your babies ready for an outing. 

Try to be organised and keep things simple. Re-stock your nappy bag with nappies, baby wipes and a change of clothes each night. You could also include a bit of money and a few small toys. Always keep your keys in the same place, perhaps on a hook near the door.

If you have winter babies, you may find blankets or cosy toes easier to use for outings than snow suits.

Finding support with twins

Charities such as Tamba, which has a dedicated and free support helpline (Twinline), and the Multiple Births Foundation are good places to find out information on organisations that support parents of twins throughout their childhood. Twinline is open every day from 10am-1pm and 7pm-10pm. Call them free on 0800 138 0509.

Last Updated: 27/06/2023 12:03:14
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