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If screening finds a problem

Most antenatal screening tests will not find anything wrong, but there is a chance you will be told there is a possible problem. 

If your screening test gives you a higher-chance result or finds a possible problem, it can be very upsetting.  You might feel a range of emotions, such as confusion, anger, fear and loneliness.  You may feel grief for the loss of your hopes for a healthy baby, and sadness for the baby who may have a problem.

You may think that nobody will understand what you are going though, and may even blame yourself, your partner or the doctors.  These are all normal reactions and you don't have to go through them alone.

There is always support available to parents, whether it's from a doctor, midwife or specialised support group.  It's important that you are given as much information and help as soon as possible.

Get as much information as you can

It can help to find out all you can about the condition or problem you or your baby may have. 

You can talk to your midwife or doctor (obstetrician) about this and ask any questions that are on your mind.

Your midwife or doctor will explain what the screening results mean, and discuss your choices and options with you.  Your midwife can arrange for you to be put in touch with specialist doctors or support groups.

When you go for your scan or meet with your doctor or midwife to discuss the results, you might want to take your partner or a friend with you for support.  They can help listen and remember what's said.  Write down any questions you want to ask and don't be afraid to ask them.

You can also contact the charity Antenatal Results and Choices (ARC).  ARC has information about screening tests and how you might feel if you are told your baby does have, or might have, a problem.

The charity has a helpline that can be reached on 0845 077 2290, or 020 7713 7486 from a mobile, Monday to Friday, 10am - 5.30pm.  The helpline is answered by trained staff, who can offer information and support.

Further information

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